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Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is becoming one of the top fence material choices for residential homeowners of every kind. With its secure and non-toxic nature, as well as ease of maintenance, it’s not surprising that more and more homeowners are choosing vinyl fencing.

We specifically like to recommend vinyl for families with children or pets who like to play in the yard. Vinyl fencing is non-toxic and doesn’t require any chemicals for upkeep. Adding in the fact that it is structurally sound and essentially a security wall, those curious kids and pets won’t be able to aimlessly wander into the street.

Vinyl Fence Provides Security

As one of the most secure options for fencing, vinyl fences are sure to discourage intruders from entering your home. Vinyl fences can be built quite high and, with no foot or handholds, they prevent anyone from climbing, scaling, or jumping over this aesthetic wall.

In addition to security from the external world, vinyl fencing gives great internal security as well. Kids can approach this fence without fear of getting pinched fingers or other injuries, and pets can do the same! It keeps the kids and pets inside and playful without the worry of intruders or other pets coming in to attack.

Vinyl Fence Provides Security

At Northland Fence of Apple Valley, we exclusively offer vinyl privacy fences to our customers. With our 15+ years of experience in the fencing industry, we have found this option to be the best when it comes to vinyl fencing.

With a privacy fence, you receive physical and visual protection. Vinyl privacy fences are built from tightly connected slats that have zero holes for peeping. It is essentially like a wall that surrounds your yard and blocks out the world from looking into your private business.

Privacy fences are one of the best ways of securing your yard. Especially in the Minnesota snow, you can let your kids or pets out to play without much supervision while retaining the knowledge they will remain safe in the yard.

The Cost of Installing a Vinyl Fence

The main concern we hear from customers when thinking about installing a vinyl fence is the high price point. While it is true that vinyl fences have the most expensive down payments of all fence types, it is also true that it is very worth it in the long run. Many of our customers who choose vinyl fencing say it is one of the best investments they have made.

Vinyl fences have minimal necessary maintenance and are very sturdy. This means that while other fences may rack up repair and replacement costs as they get older, vinyl fences don’t. So in the long-term, these are more cost-effective than many other options for fencing.

Material Cost

When you break down the cost of installing a vinyl fence, the materials make up the biggest portion of the final price tag. Since vinyl is not a naturally made material, it costs more to make and therefore sells for higher prices too. Plus, being manmade means vinyl is specifically manufactured to contain benefits such as longevity and weather resistance that increase the price as well.

The more material you need, the higher the price will be. This means that for privacy fences or long fences, the price will be a bit higher because you need more construction material. However, Northland Fence of Apple Valley has multiple payment plans available to help you be able to afford the fence of your dreams.

Installing Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fence installation is a relatively simple task if you know how to do it. However, we highly recommend you hire a professional fence installation contractor to do this work. That way your fence can be put up quickly, correctly, and without any costly mistakes.

Hiring a professional to install your fence will give you peace of mind that your fence will remain sturdy and protective for years. Plus, since vinyl fence installation is not super complicated, the installation fee is often the least expensive part of getting a vinyl fence.

Northland Fence of Apple Valley Installations

At Northland Fence of Apple Valley, we install all our fences with innovative technology and the best techniques. All of our installation teams are in-house and learn under our industry experts. They know how to uphold our standards and give each of our customers the high-quality and professional-grade fence they deserve.

Instead of using cement bases for our fence posts, we drive the fence posts deep into the ground. This not only prevents post-heaving but can also stand up to the Minnesota winter and spring which create moisture and cracks in the cement. Driven posts also provide a cleaner method of installation and a sturdier fence post.

Throughout our installation process we treat our customers like family. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves and our offerings to be able to give our customers the best fences that will make them happy for years. If you don’t believe our word just check out the hundreds of 5-star ratings we have on sites like Google, Yelp, and Angi!

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Maintenance of a Vinyl Fence

The ease of maintenance that a vinyl fence requires is another big reason homeowners and families choose this material. It is recommended that you regularly inspect your vinyl fence at least once a year. All this entails is walking the length of the fence and looking for any damages or sites where repair is needed.

The biggest part of vinyl fence maintenance that you need to know is brushing off the snow during the winter. Vinyl fencing is sturdy, but with the amount of snow we get in Minnesota, it becomes quite the burden to bear. By brushing off the accumulated snow, you can help prevent any long-term or structural damage that your vinyl fence may undergo.

These routines are easy to do, don’t require much time or effort, and don’t require any extra tools or toxins.

FAQs About Why Choose Vinyl Fencing

Why choose a professional installer for your fence?

Choosing a professional installer for your fence has plenty of benefits. Professional installers have the experience and expertise to install your fence quickly and correctly without making mistakes. It saves you hours of your time and gives you peace of mind that your fence will be protective and continue to stand for years.

How do you choose the type of Vinyl fence?

Picking the best type of vinyl fence for you can be a difficult decision. We recommend doing the research and weighing the pros and cons. We also highly recommend consulting with one of our experts at Northland Fence of Apple Valley. We can help decide which fence is the best for your projects and your individual needs and wants.

What are the key benefits of a Vinyl fence?

Vinyl fencing has plenty of benefits, but some key ones have helped it become increasingly more popular with residential homeowners. These include its offering of visual privacy, ease of maintenance, resistance to weather and rust, and being mostly eco-friendly and always non-toxic.

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