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Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is most commonly seen in industrial and commercial areas, but recently it is becoming increasingly popular in residential areas. Chain link fencing has become the choice for many homeowners because of the simplicity of installation and aesthetic as well as the affordable price.

At Northland Fence, we consider chain link fencing to be one of the highest-quality fence types out there. It’s one of our big three fences with the other two being vinyl and wrought iron. While these both have their advantages and benefits, chain link fencing has the most affordable price for the greatest strength and durability.

Provides Security

The biggest reason families choose a chain link fence for installation compared to other fence types is the immense security it provides. This is especially important for families with young children or pets, the chain link fence is the best choice for keeping them inside the yard.

Chain link fence does not necessarily have the aesthetic benefits of other fencing options. They are really for those who have security as their main concern. Chain link fencing is a great middle-ground for those who don’t want small animals sneaking through or kids getting out but don’t need a huge and expensive vinyl fence.

Incredibly Affordable

Chain link fence is the most affordable option of fence types. This is in part because it does not require lots of material to make chain link fences, and in part, because it is easily mass-produced. The wires on a chain link fence are thick and criss crossed over each other to create strong durability without extra material.

So by cutting down on production costs, chain link fencing can be sold for much lower prices than the other fences in the industry and installed for far less than you might think.

At Northland Fence, we know how to navigate the fencing wholesale network to find the best prices on the best products in bulk. Then we can transfer these prices to our customers and claim some of the most affordable prices in the Minnesota fencing market.

Quick And Simple To Install

Installation time may not seem like an important factor when buying a fence, but it can extensively add to the cost of your project. After all, for more complex and larger fences, we have to charge for the time it takes to build your fence into the overall cost you will be expecting.

Compared to other fences, chain link is the easiest and quickest fence type to install, including wrought iron and vinyl fencing. This means that we don’t have to charge as much for our labor fees, making the overall cost go down too.

A quick installation time also means that we have to spend less time disrupting your family and busy schedule. The faster we can install a fence, without compromising the quality of the installation, the quicker we can get out of your backyard and simply leave you with an amazing fence.

Chain link fencing’s ability to be installed quickly and easily has current advantages, but it also has benefits for further down the road. Should you need to replace your fence or parts of your fence in the future, it remains a quick and simple process, usually only taking a few minutes to replace individual sections of the chain link.

Low Maintenance

One of the best things about chain link fencing is that, compared to traditional fencing, it has a significantly less amount of needed maintenance. Unlike wood, chain link fences are already weather-resistant meaning they won’t rot, peel, or mold in inclement weather. Wood fences require you to continuously maintain them throughout the year, but not chain link fencing.

Especially, when compared to the other fence types that we offer to our customers, Minnesota residents enjoy that snow falls through the holes in the chain link fence. You won’t have to go outside in the negative Fahrenheit weather to dust off the snow from the top of your fence.

The only real maintenance of a chain link fence is the occasional reapplication of the protective coating. Otherwise, you can virtually forget it’s there and your fence won’t suffer.

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Lasts For Years

If you are looking for a fence that can stand the test of time, chain link fencing is the way to go. It is incredibly sturdy, durable, and resistant to damage and harsh weather conditions. Natural fences often degrade and rot over time as they are pummeled with weather and age.

With the protective coating of our chain link fences, the paint layer and the structure of the metal will remain constant for years from now. When talking about budget, when you consider the longevity of a chain link fence compared to others, it is great for the wallet. It is an affordable down payment and few maintenance or repair costs throughout the years.

FAQs About Why Choose Chain Link Fencing

Why choose a professional installer?

There are quite a few reasons to choose a professional installer to install your chain link fence instead of doing it yourself. Professional installers know how to install your fence quickly and correctly the first time around. With a professional installation, you will only need to pay once and won’t have to worry about fixing mistakes that may raise the cost of the fence. Plus professional installation will give you peace of mind that the fence was installed correctly.

How do you choose the type of chain link fence?

The best way to choose the right type of chain link fence is to ask a professional. They can measure the gauge of the fence and the size of the mesh to determine which chain link fences are the strongest and more durable. 

What are the key benefits of a chain link fence?

The key benefits of a chain link fence are its strength, durability, security, affordability, quick installation time, longevity, and low maintenance. These all contribute to its rise in popularity in the residential fencing market and continued demand for securing commercial and industrial sites.

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