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Looking for a wrought iron fence? Northland Fence sells and installs black vinyl ornamental steel fencing at four or five-foot heights. Get a free estimate today!

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Ornamental steel fencing is a great way to add sleek elegance to any residential yard. This is why it’s one of the most requested fences by homeowners. It has a few customization options to make it one-of-a-kind and completely match your aesthetic.

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What is an Ornamental Fence?

Ornamental steel fencing is fairly self-explanatory. It is steel fencing that is usually made from wrought iron metal with an aesthetic appeal to it. Wrought iron is well known for strength and durability, and ornamental fencing is great for privacy and protection.

The other noticeable aspect of ornamental fencing is the post toppers. Ornamental fencing is one of the only types of fencing that do not have a flat rail top. Northland Fence offers both spear top and flat-topped ornamental fencing giving you the ability to customize to your needs and wants.

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How are Ornamental Fences Made?

Ornamental fences are made from wrought iron metal. This is iron that has been melted down and forged into the shape and thickness of the product being produced. It is an adaptable material because it isn’t using a casting process that forces the iron to be produced as only one shape.

After the iron has been melted it is mixed with a slight bit of slag, the waste created during smelting, to help with its strength and durability. It is then shaped into the fence products that we install. Ornamental steel fences can come in picket-style or panels depending on their production.

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Variations in Ornamental Steel Fence

There is a commonly held misconception that ornamental steel fencing is a one-type-fits-all sort of fence. This is not true Ornamental steel fences are one of the most customizable fencing options available.


Northland fence offers two styles of ornamental fencing. The first is the classic flat top, great for a sleek and simple aesthetic. The second is a spear top. The spear top is unique to ornamental fencing and can help with both aesthetics and protection. The fence will be harder to climb over because of the spear on top of the posts.


Like most fences, ornamental fencing can come in various sizes. Northland fence offers 4’ and 5’ ornamental fences. The higher the fence, the better the security and protective nature. However, with ornamental fencing, wrought iron is the hardest material to break and there are no footholds to climb. It is a protective fence no matter the height you get, especially with spear tops included.


Ornamental steel fencing can come in many colors, however, Northland Fence only offers sleek black. It is the most popular option that our customers ask for and, as the saying goes, black goes with everything. A black ornamental steel fence offers a sleek elegance, unlike any other color.

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From our 15+ years in the fencing industry, we have installed hundreds of ornamental steel fences. We strive to always leave you smiling and satisfied with your new fence. We guarantee professional-grade products that will stay standing for years to come throughout the harsh Minnesota climate.

We are industry experts supplying a variety of ornamental steel fence options to our customers. Our products are the best and most affordable in the industry. We strive for customer satisfaction with every customer and uphold this value with hundreds of 5-star Google reviews. If you are ready to find the perfect ornamental fence for your yard, call (763)-316-4881 today to schedule your consultation.



What is considered an ornamental fence?

An ornamental fence is a type of fence that is used to add style and decoration to a property. This classification is broad and can encompass many types of fences from wrought iron to modern glass.

Which type of fencing is the cheapest?

Wood is the cheapest type of fence. Sometimes wood fencing can even be free if you get scraps from a construction site, otherwise, because it is a natural resource that is mass-produced, it comes at a bargain price.

What is an ornamental steel fence?

An ornamental steel fence is the classic “modern” steel fence that is sleek and elegant. It comes in a few colors and varieties with different toppers.

What are the five different types of fencing?

The five types of fencing are iron or steel, wood, aluminum, chain-link, and vinyl.

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