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Looking for a chain link fence? Northland Fence sells and installs black vinyl-coated chain link fencing at four or five-foot heights. Get a free estimate today!

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For those who want maximum security and visibility to the outside world, chain link fencing is the material you are looking for. Northland Fence has a variety of styles, sizes, and colors of chain link fencing with the most affordable prices in the fencing market. Chain link fencing doesn’t have to be gray, industrial, and boring. It can add to your aesthetic while still providing protection.

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What is Chain Link Fencing?

Chain link fence is made from metal that is coated in a linear low-density polyethylene. It can be made from aluminum or steel however steel is a better and stronger option. After the wires have been formed and coated, they are placed vertically between the rails of the chain link fence and are bent to interlock

This creates the “zig-zag” pattern that chain link fencing is so well known for. Each “zig” bend is connected to a “zag” to create the rhombus shape and increase the stability and security of the fence.

Chain link fencing is commonly used for industrial and commercial purposes, but can also be found in residential areas, especially for homeowners with pets. It is also referred to as chain wire, wire mesh, or rhombic mesh fencing. Chain link fencing uses a minimal amount of material to create a strong and protective fence.


Variations in Chain Link

Even though chain link is commonly associated with commercial use, it can be just as great in a residential area. There are plenty of sizes, colors, and styles of chain link fencing that can help assuage the lack of aesthetics that chain link commonly has. Northland Fence offers two great options for chain link fencing: black vinyl chain link and gray steel chain link.

Gray Steel Chain Link

Gray steel chain link fencing is the classic style. It is time-tested and guaranteed to protect your house for many years to come. We highly recommend this option for customers who are looking for a practical fence that is a “classic” in some regard.

This fence comes in a few different sizes. The higher the fence the more protection you will have. This fence is also our most affordable fence because it comes mass-produced in mesh rolls and can easily be found on the market. The classic gray chain link fence is great for warding off predators or keeping in a curious pup.

Black Vinyl Chain Link

Black vinyl chain link fencing is thought to be a bit classier than the classic gray steel chain link. It is a smoother material than a steel chain link fence and can add a bit of elegance to your need for protection.

We highly recommend black vinyl chain link fencing for customers with kids who like to play in the yard. With the vinyl coating over the chain link fence, you can avoid any pinched fingers or potential injuries that metal will cause. But the important thing is it is still a chain link fence and will continue to provide the strong protection that your kiddos need when in the yard unsupervised.

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Chain Link Fence Fabric vs. Panels

Chain link fencing comes in two different types of production. The first is fabric. This is the class chain link fence that you think of. It is all of the meshed wire rolled up and it is installed by simply unrolling it and attaching it to the fence posts. The second is chain link panels. For these, the wires and mesh are already attached to the top and bottom rails and you simply need to attach the panels to the posts.

Neither one is better or worse than the other. It simply depends on what you are looking for in your fencing. Panels have the advantage  a gate installation being easier, however, this is still possible with chain link fabric as well. If you have questions about which type of chain link fencing is best for your yard and needs, contact us today and we can help answer your questions.

Apple Valley Chain Link Fence

We are based in the metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and serve residents and businesses all over the metro area. Our chain link fencing products are professional-grade from the mesh rolls or panels to the rails and tops. With our innovative installation process of driven fence posts and our product guarantee, our chain link fencing will continue to stand for years.

Comparing Northland to Lowes

Some people may want to go to a big name-brand store to purchase their chain link fencing to save some money. This is not a good idea. Big warehouse stores mass produce chain link fencing and don’t always check the quality and standards of what’s on their shelves.

With Northland Fence you are guaranteed to get professional quality fencing material that is always checked by our industry experts. We offer only the best for our customers. We have been in the fencing industry long enough to know how to navigate purchasing the best products for the best prices. This way we can transfer these deals to our customers making professional products affordable.

Aluminum vs. Steel

The biggest difference between our chain link fencing and that of big-name brands is the type of metal they are constructed from. Mass-produced chain link fencing is often made from aluminum instead of steel. Aluminum, is lightweight and will not stand up to the Minnesota climate. It has limited longevity and will not be able to withstand the environment.

Steel, on the other hand, is strong and durable. We offer steel because in our over 15 years of fencing, we have found that this is the best material for chain link fencing. It provides protection from intruders and bolt cutters and will stay standing for years even in Minnesota weather.

Our Material Warranty

Our material warranty covers up to 15 years of insurance on your chain link fence. This means that if you are ever unhappy or find something wrong with the fence material, simply let us know and we will come out to fix it at no cost to you.

Our chain link fencing also includes our 10-year labor warranty. We are experts in fencing installation and want to get the job done right. For up to 10 years after we install your chain link fence, you can contact us if you find something wrong with the work we did and we will come to fix it.

These are simply things that you won’t find at big-name brand warehouse dealers. Put your fencing process in the hands of professionals and contact Northland Fence today to start finding your perfect chain link fence.

Need Chain Link Fencing Help?

We are here to help you find the best fence for your situation. If you have any questions about our chain link fences, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be happy to guide you through any concerns you have.

Our chain link fences will be the last ones you will ever need to purchase. With our customer satisfaction guarantee and 15-year material warranty, you are sure to be happy with the chain link fencing for years to come. And if you aren’t, we come to fix it at no cost to you!



How much does it cost to put in a chain link fence yourself?

This will vary depending on the size of your yard and the height of the fence you choose.

Is chain link the cheapest fence?

No, actually wood fencing is cheaper than chain link by a small margin. It is cheaper than ornamental steel and vinyl fencing though.

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