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Ornamental Steel Fencing Cost

Ornamental steel fencing is an affordable fence that doesn’t compromise elegance or aesthetics. It is a great option for those whose top concern is security and affordability.

To find out more about the cost of an ornamental steel fence, read below! We’ve made it easy to learn about the cost of materials, installation, and any add-ons or extra work you may need. This is a great resource to help you set the right budget for the fence of your dreams.

How Much Does an Ornamental Steel Fencing Cost?

The average total cost of an ornamental steel fence is $1,200-8,000. It has the widest range of any fence type because of its customizable nature. One of theunique features for ornamental steel fencing is the option to choose different post toppers. This, plus other add-ons such as gates or extra work that needs to be done, will increase the total cost.

We offer free estimates to all our customers before beginning the fence installation process. We will visit and evaluate your site for free to help you understand what you can expect to pay for your fence. If you are interested in learning more about this process and how it can help narrow the price range estimate, contact our team today!

How to Calculate the Cost of Ornamental Steel Fencing

The total cost of ornamental steel fencing has lots of factors that go into it. These include the cost of materials and the cost of labor for things like installation, removing old fences, getting permits, excavation, and marking underground utilities. Each project is unique and has requirements that will all add to a unique price just for you.

The cost of your ornamental steel fence will depend on your project and landscape. The more labor and material you need, the higher the end cost will be. If you want any special hardware such as spear tops or gates, this will add to the total cost of both materials, tools, and work involved.

The Cost of Materials for Ornamental Steel Fencing

With any fence, the cost of materials is always the most expensive part. Material prices are set by manufacturers meaning they are exclusively based on supply and demand and can inflate and deflate as necessary.

Ornamental steel fencing material costs between $30-50 on average, but with extensive customization, this price could go up to $100. Northland Fence of Apple Valley has financial payment plans to help all our customers be able to afford their fences. We encourage you to check them out if you are worried about the high cost of materials, we are sure to be able to find one that works within your budgetary requirements.

We try to make our materials as affordable as possible for our customers. We only source professional-grade fencing materials, but this does not mean they are highly expensive. We use our expert knowledge of the fencing industry to get our materials in bulk at lower prices, and we transfer these savings to our customers. Everyone wins!

Does the Height, Length, and Size Affect the Cost of Ornamental Steel Fencing?

Yes. The dimensions of your fence will extensively affect the cost. This is because the bigger the dimensions, the more material and labor are required for installation. The average ornamental fence is between 4 and 6 feet tall. This is intentional and usually affordable. If you are looking to build something higher or an extremely long fence, we might recommend other options.

The more detailed your plan is for fence installation, the better you can estimate the total cost of your fence. If you know the exact dimensions and structure that you want, our team can estimate the amount of labor it will take to install this fence and give you a very close approximation of what the total cost will be.

The Cost of DIY vs. Hiring a Company to Install Ornamental Steel Fencing

After you’ve calculated the cost of the materials, don’t forget to add in the cost of the actual work of installing your fence. In this case, you have two options - do it yourself or hire a professional. We strongly recommend and encourage you to hire a professional fence installation company to do this work.

Ornamental steel fences are one of the hardest fence types to correctly install. There are many small parts and screws that you need to keep track of and install in the right spots. It is tedious and can take lots of time and attention that you simply don’t have in your busy schedule. Not to mention that one mistake may be costly and mess up the whole project.

With a professional fence installer, you can avoid making any mistakes and have peace of mind that your fence was installed by knowledgeable industry experts. You don’t have to spend all your free time trying to install this fence and becoming frustrated when it gets confusing. Professional installers will do the job right the first time and give you a fence that is sturdy and strong.

Why Hire Northland Fence to Install Your Ornamental Steel Fence?

We are the best-ranked fence company in the state of Minnesota. Our hundreds of 5-star reviews on user sites like Google, Angi, and Yelp prove our belief in customer satisfaction and treating everyone like family. We leave our customers with high-quality fences every time and are there to support them for years to come. When you hire Northland Fence of Apple Valley, you are welcomed into our fencing family and supported as such.

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Innovative Installation Methods

We are consistently trying new fence installation techniques to find the most efficient and quality practices. Through our 15+ years of experience in the fence industry, we have found that driven fence posts are a higher-quality and better technique than traditional cement bases.

Driven posts are hammered deep underground and use the natural soil as their foundational base. This makes post bases waterproof, provides strong foundational support, is more aesthetically pleasing, and quicker and faster during both installation and cleanup.

We have found this method to be proven better than the traditional cement bases, and our customers see this in the results of their fences. However, we pride ourselves on top-notch work. If you ever find something wrong with the installation of your fence within the first 10 years, we will come and fix it at absolutely no cost to you. Our job isn’t done until you are happy with the fence of your dreams.

FAQs About Ornamental Steel Fence Cost

Is ornamental steel fencing the cheapest type of fence to install?

No. Wood is the cheapest type of fence to install.

Are there any hidden costs when installing ornamental steel fencing?

Never. With Northland Fence of Apple Valley, we are upfront and honest about all costs and fees from the beginning to the end of the installation process. Our goal is to destigmatize the negative experiences our customers have had with contractors in the past, instead looking to be honest and truthful about all fees and contractual obligations from the beginning.

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