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Our material warranty for our fences is there because we know they’ll stand tall for years to come.

Visual Appeal

Fencing can make a perfect accent for any property.


Make your fence exactly what you want by choosing the height that fits your needs.


Our in-house crew is experienced, working by our standards to ensure your installation is done right.


With color options to choose from, you can ensure your fence looks exactly how you dreamed.


No matter your fence type, you can trust that your yard is secure.

Fence Styles

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Vinyl Fence

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Steel Fence

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Regulations Regarding Fencing in Lakeville

These are some of the most common questions we get about fence installations in Lakeville. We do our best to keep these up-to-date, but you’re also welcome to check your city’s website or look at their fencing information page

Where can I place my fence on the property?

You must place your fence entirely within your own property in Lakeville. The fence must be at least 10 feet away from your rear property line, and 5 feet back from your side property lines. Fencing built in the front yard must be 10 feet back from all sides of your property line.  

Do I need to notify my neighbors? If so, when?

While you don’t have to tell your neighbors about your fencing plans, letting them know your installation dates is always a kind courtesy. 

Do I need a fence permit?

All fences in Lakeville require a Zoning Permit for fencing under 7 feet. If you plan to build over 7 feet tall (which has its own additional requirements), you must get a building permit. In addition, you must make sure City Hall has a Certificate of Survey on file for your property. 

Who calls the utilities when installing a fence?

It is the job of whoever is installing the fence to make sure that utilities are contacted and properly marked. This means if you chose Northland Fence for your installation, we’ll do all the work regarding that.

What are the height restrictions on fences in Lakeville, MN?

Fencing cannot exceed 6 feet in height in the backyard. For fences in the front yard, not only can they not be taller than 4 feet, but they must be mostly see-through, meaning chainlink or ornamental steel. 

Can I build my fence on an easement?

Building a fence on an easement is ill-advised. As per Lakeville’s fencing guidelines, a fence built on an easement can’t block the flow of water and if the city or utility companies need to use the easement your fence will be removed at your expense. It’s easier to just not build on the easement. 

Are there any design or material restrictions?

In Minnesota, no electric or barbed wire fences are allowed outside of farmland.

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