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When it comes to installing a fence, it is usually recommended that you hire a professional installation contractor. Especially for more complicated fencing options such as ornamental steel fencing, DIY is not the way to go. The ease of hiring a contractor to do the hard work of fence installation may be a bit more on the budget but is highly worth it in the end.

With ornamental steel fencing alone, there are many parts that you need to keep track of and know how to install for a DIY installation. Panels, rails, posts, and toppers, just to name a few. For the fence to stand right, be stable, and remain high quality for years, these must be put together correctly. 

Why Choose An Ornamental Steel Fence?

There are many reasons our customers choose an ornamental steel fence compared to other materials. Some of the biggest reasons are aesthetic compatibility, eco-friendly fencing, and durability. Ornamental steel fences are made from wrought iron, so they are the hardest metal a fence can be.

Aesthetic Compatibility

One of the biggest reasons our clients choose ornamental steel fencing is because it can comply with almost any existing aesthetic. Its sleek black is elegant and simple meaning no clashing colors or designs.

Customers also choose ornamental steel fencing because of the versatility in style that it offers. Customization aspects include flat tops or spear tops to give some flair to the aesthetic of the ornamental fence.


A lot of the metal that is used to create ornamental steel fencing is from recycled material, making it more eco-friendly and less energy-producing than other fences. Because metal is meltable and malleable, ornamental steel fences can be made from other melted iron products

84% of metal is made from recycled materials, there is less energy being devoted to mining metal ore, which produced greenhouse gases and depletes natural resources. When you are done with your ornamental fence, we highly encourage you to donate or sell it to a metalsmith to recycle it into new products.


Ornamental steel fences can still be seen guarding historic sites around the world. It proves this to be one of the most durable fencing materials in the industry. This is one of the biggest reasons our Minnesota customers choose ornamental steel fencing. It can stand up to the harsh climate. Whether it be snow, wind, rain, or heat, the ornamental steel fence will continue to remain strong and protect your yard.

Benefits Of Installing An Ornamental Steel Fence

Installing an ornamental steel fence will be one of the best decisions you make. It will give you peace of mind that you and your family are protected, and can help to increase the curb appeal and property value of your home. As a long-lasting fence, installing an ornamental steel fence will be the last time you have to go through this process.

Increased Curb Appeal

One of the most well-known benefits of installing an ornamental steel fence is to increase the curb appeal, and subsequently the property value, of your home. This fence adds a sleek elegance and luxurious feel to your yard with its simplicity and flair. It is a classic and timeless look that has been around for centuries.

Since ornamental steel fencing continues to be around centuries after its first installation also means that it won’t become outdated. Your yard will continue to have elegance and be in style up until the day you move. When that day comes your property value may increase because of the addition of a classic ornamental steel fence.


The timeless look of an ornamental steel fence comes from the high longevity that this material has. These fences last centuries meaning it is the absolute last fence you will ever need to purchase. Customers love the benefit of installing an ornamental fence because this can be a tiring process.

With the security and protection that an ornamental steel fence gives your yard, you will have peace of mind. In addition, ornamental steel fences are fairly low maintenance meaning there isn’t a lot of repairs or care you need to put into the fence to achieve the benefit of longevity. You simply have to invest in the correct installation and watch as your fence continues to safeguard you for years.

Having A Professional Contractor Install An Ornamental Steel Fence

While ornamental fences may look effortlessly elegant, their installation process is a hassle and we highly encourage you to hire a professional contractor to install the fence. They will be able to do it promptly and get it done right the first time. It will save you from needing to invest more because of installation mistakes and taking lots of time out of your schedule to install this fence. 

Northland Fence of Apple Valley has the tools, expertise, and experience to do high-quality ornamental steel fence installations at an affordable cost.

Choosing Northland Fence of Apple Valley to Install An Ornamental Steel Fence

As experts in the fencing industry, you can trust us to know how to effectively install an ornamental steel fence. With hundreds of 5-star Google reviews, we ensure customer satisfaction in every installation project. Our innovative installation methods will give you peace of mind that your fence will continue to stand stable for years. The Northland Difference treats every customer like family.

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Innovative Installation Methods

At Northland Fence Apple Valley we use an innovative installation method meant to ensure high-quality fence installation for our customers. Instead of the traditional cement postings, we use driven-fence posts to keep our fences stable, clean, and withstanding the Minnesota climate.

Drive-fence posts are water-proof and help to resist post-heaving years after installation. They give your fence superior strength and durability compared to cement installations and it is generally a process that is more successful when done by a professional. If you have any questions about this innovative technology, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

In-House Contractors

We use only in-house installation contractors. We never outsource our work. This way we can ensure that our installation teams are trained in the Northland Fence way and continue to uphold our quality standards.

Our customers can trust our employees to uphold the values of trust, honesty, and knowledgeable customer service. They go through an extensive Northland Fence training process so they can uphold our values and treat our customers in the way we expect. We guarantee high-quality products and services throughout a fence installation project.

10-year Labor Warranty

However, we know that taking a chance on Northland Fence can be stressful for some people. This is why we offer a 10-year labor warranty on all of our fence installation projects. If you find something wrong with the work we did, all you need to do is let us know and we will come out to fix it at no cost to you.

Our 10-year labor warranty allows us to keep to our high-quality workmanship standards and uphold customer satisfaction with every project. With an ornamental steel fence, it will stand for years and you should be happy with it for years. Our installation methods, teams, and warranty help make that happen.

Ornamental Fence 15-year Material Warranty

At Northland Fence we stand behind our materials as well as our workmanship. This is why we offer an industry-leading 15-year material warranty on all of our ornamental products.

FAQs About Ornamental Steel Fence Installation

Do Ornamental Steel Fences offer any privacy?

No. The ornamental steel fencing that Northland Fence offers does not provide any privacy. While metal privacy fences are available in the industry, we have found that vinyl is a better material for this purpose and choose to offer vinyl privacy fences instead.

What is the average lifespan of an Ornamental Steel Fence?

Ornamental steel fences can last for centuries. They have the longest lifespan compared to all other fencing material options. You can often see these fences still standing around historical sites or cemeteries. It stands the test of time and will do so for your yard as well.

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