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Ornamental Steel Fence Maintenance

If your dream fence includes sleek elegance combined with a high level of security, then ornamental steel fencing is what you are looking for. Ornamental steel fencing has thick rods that help keep out any unwanted animals or intruders at night.

Ornamental fences, like other fences, can only secure your yard with proper maintenance and upkeep. Without these, an ornamental steel fence may become weak or damaged and require repair and replacement, but ornamental fencing maintenance can be tedious. Luckily, there are plenty of upgrades and finishes that you can apply to your fence to help cut down the work and hours dedicated to maintenance.

Repair Rusted Ornamental Steel Fence

The most common ailment for ornamental steel fences is rust. Rust is dangerous because if it is not immediately dealt with on the fence, it can eat through the metal, cause erosion, and create extensive damage. A fence that has rust will not be able to securely protect your yard and remain sturdy.

Rust growth accelerates in wet climates. The more moisture in the air and on your fence, the more likely you are to find rust on the fence. Especially in Minnesota, it is important to keep this in mind during the spring when rain is heavy and snow is melting. Both of these factors can function as catalysts for rust growth.

The good news is that removing rust is fairly simple and can be done at home. We’ve outlined the 5 easy steps to rust removal on an ornamental steel fence. All the materials you need can be found in and around the common household.

Steps to Repair Rust on Ornamental Steel Fence

The steps outlined below may need to be altered slightly depending on the amount of rust and how aggressively it has attached to the fence. However, with a little bit of elbow grease and a stronger cleaning solution, rust should be easy to remove and you can restore your fence to its original glory.

Step 1: Clean the area around the rust with a wire brush. This will remove any dirt, debris, surface rust, and peeling paint. This is one of the most important steps so that you don’t risk harming yourself when repairing the fence. Make sure to do this thoroughly to avoid retrapping the rust or debris in the new protective paint as this can cause more damage.

Step 2: Use sandpaper to remove the remaining rust from the surface. We recommend starting with coarse-grit sandpaper directly on the rust. This will help reduce the deep rust. Then move to a medium-grit paper to finish off the surface rust removal.

Step 3: Make your cleaning solution. For a cleaning or rust-removing solution, you can find manufactured ones at almost any home improvement store. However, for at-home rust removal, you should use either naval jelly or another phosphoric acid mixture like dish detergent, vinegar, and water.

Step 4: Apply the solution. For naval jelly use a toothbrush to apply it directly on the rust spot and wait 10-20 minutes before wiping it off with a rag or towel. For a vinegar solution soak a paper towel in the solution and put this directly on the rust spot for 30-45 minutes. Then wipe it off and use a wire brush to scrape off the rest of the rust.

Step 5: Repaint the fence. Wrought iron primer and paint are available at any local hardware store. Simply follow the directions on the cans for how to correctly put these on the fence and help avoid rusting in the same spot in the future.

Applying Rust Protection to Ornamental Steel Fence

Applying rust protection to your fence is the best way to keep your fence from rusting. It’s a simple spray that is in stock at almost any hardware store. You should spray your fence at least once a year, slightly before the wet seasons. Always remember to spray the bottom of the fence too since that is the most likely place for moisture from grass, dirt, and melting snow to gather.

Preventative Strategies

Of course, nothing keeps rust away quite like consistent prevention strategies. Successful prevention strategies for ornamental fences include wax coatings, water-resistant paint, or rust-resistant paint. As a general rule of thumb, the less moisture getting on your fence, the better chance there is of no rust growing.

Ornamental Steel Fence Finishes

Our ornamental steel fences at Northland Fence Apple Valley are all made from galvanized steel. Galvanization is a special finish that most of our competitors don’t use. It is a zinc-based coating that metal can be dipped in to seal it. Specifically, galvanization is meant to stop the formation of rust on metal.

Galvanized steel requires less maintenance and worry than metals like aluminum. If rust does get through the thick zinc coating, the galvanized finish will still help to slow down the corrosion process and keep your fence sturdy until you find time to address the issue.

The materials for our ornamental steel fences come at a surprisingly affordable price. As the 3rd highest buying of fencing supplies in the state, our team at Northland Fence of Apple Valley can find the best deals on bulk buys of galvanized steel and transfer these savings to our customers. Don’t let the price turn you away from a sturdy, protective, and beautiful fence!

Ornamental Steel Fence Upgrades

One of the key reasons customers tend to overlook ornamental steel fences is because of the amount of time it can take to install, and the tediousness required with repairs and maintenance. However, there are many options for upgrades and protections that can decrease the time and detailed necessity of maintenance and installation. Check out a few of the options below!

Ornamental Steel Fence Panels

The biggest upgrade we recommend to clients is investing in ornamental steel panels or fabric. With these upgrades, installation and maintenance become more efficient and effective. Instead of needing to handle every rod that gives ornamental fencing its ideal look, panels and fabric come with the rods all put together. The only step needed is to attach it to the fence posts.

Panels and rods are great for those looking to do the installation themselves or who want to cut down on the number of hours a fencing contractor bills for their manual labor. They are also great for maintenance because instead of needing to deal with the small parts that connect each rod, you can simply take out the panel and install a new one.

And finally, panels and fabrics are a definite upgrade because they allow for easier installation of gates and other add-ons. An ornamental gate is essentially a panel on hinges, so instead of trying to configure the two types of fence materials together, simply have the whole fence be panels and it will all be easier.

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Fence Post Upgrade

As the most customizable fence material, ornamental fencing is always able to be upgraded, including the fence posts. We offer our customers two types of fence posts, one for a simple aesthetic, and another with a slight boost.

For those wanting a sleek and elegant look, we recommend a flat-top ornamental fence. These fence posts are capped with square post caps that are simple and effective. They are easy to fix, repair, clean, and replace if needed.

For those looking for an aesthetic upgrade, we recommend checking out our spear-topped ornamental fences. These fence posts are topped with a spade shape of metal. While this does provide more security, it can be dangerous for families with kids or pets as scratched hands or paws are possible.

FAQs About Steel Fence Fence Maintenance

Does planting near an ornamental steel fence cause damage to it?

Planting around an ornamental steel fence is not recommended unless it is a typical climbing plant. However, even with climbing plants you must keep them on a strict leash and prune regularly. If they are left unattended to grow uncontrollably, they will trap moisture from their stems and leaves against the metal, causing it to rust. Vines also make it hard to gain access to the fence and repair any spots that need to be fixed.

How to weatherproof an ornamental steel fence?

You don’t need to weatherproof your ornamental steel fence, they are naturally weatherproof. If you are worried about heavy rain or snow you can apply a wax coating to help seal the fence and prevent moisture from coming into contact with vulnerable metals. However, with our galvanized steel this is most likely not necessary.

Does climbing an Ornamental Steel Fence fence damage it?

In short, yes. Climbing an ornamental steel fence will damage it. It could be structural damage or more noticeable, but it will occur. In general, don’t let kids or pets climb your fence to keep it sturdy and strong for years.

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