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Strongest Fence Types

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Do you live in Minnesota and wonder what the strongest fence type is to withstand the winter? Are you worried about spending a ton of money on a fence that will be destroyed by the elements?

If you have asked these questions, you are not alone in the line of thought. In 2021, Minnesota ranked 20 in the highest annual property damage caused by storms in the United States. This damage included fences. However, by having a strong fence, you can prevent the need to spend unexpected money on fence repairs due to a storm. 

At Northland Fence, our employees work during the off-season to help you determine which of these strongest fence types best fits your needs and dream design. But what is the strongest fence type?

What Makes a Strong Fence

People consider many factors when they dream up their future fence installation project. Some want a fence with an aesthetic appearance. In contrast, others may want something to deter animals or people from entering or exiting their yards. However, one factor that almost everyone considers is the strength of their fence. 

A strong fence is a fence that is durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Minnesota can experience several types of extreme weather, from lightning, tornadoes, high winds, hail, snow, and flooding. All of these can damage your fence depending on its strength. However, damage is less likely to occur when the weather turns dangerous if you have a strong fence. Because the weather is less likely to damage your fence, you can take a financial concern off your plate. With a strong fence, you will not have to worry about the potential repair costs that may be more than the fence is worth. 

Other than the weather aspect, you also want a strong enough fence to resist things like rust, rotting, or termites, which may sacrifice durability in the long run. Time can result in the eventual wearing down of your fence, even if you live in a place without weather, elements, or external forces. However, if you have a strong and durable fence, it can last for several years or decades. This means you will have less to worry about. A strong fence often comes with very little maintenance and will be a part of your life to enjoy for several years. 

A strong fence is also suitable for people with determined animals or children you wish to contain inside your yard, as it can be more challenging for them to escape. A strong fence is less likely to be pushed down or damaged by an escapee.

Chain Link Fence

Many people choose chain link fences because they provide strength and security. They are made from metal and require very little upkeep. These fences are also more affordable than other stronger fences, which makes them ideal for those who wish for a sturdy fence without the short-term or long-term financial concerns that might come with a different type. 

However, if you are looking for a strong fence that will keep your privacy, there may be better choices than a chain-link fence. These fences are easy to see through and over, so your neighbors will know what is happening in your backyard. Another choice in this list may better fulfill your needs.

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Wrought Iron Fence

If strength and aesthetics are most important, a wrought iron fence may suit your needs. These fences feature a classic design that works well for vintage-style homes. This fence not only looks great, but it can also withstand many extreme weather conditions found in Minnesota. They also resist pests, which could damage other fences, such as wood. If you are looking for a fence that can keep your kids and pets inside your yard while maintaining its strength and beauty, this fence is a great choice. 

However, there may be better choices than this if you are looking for a fence that provides privacy. Wrought iron fences often have gaps between the bars and are shorter in height. So, to keep your neighbors from looking through your fence or over, consider choosing a different fence on this list. 

Steel Fence

Steel fences are typically more durable and long-lasting. They can withstand extreme Minnesota winters while keeping your kids and pets inside. These fences serve as a protective barrier and are generally rust-resistant if they have a special coating. 

However, they are pricey and usually provide little privacy due to panel gaps. They are also heavy, which makes them not ideal for easy installation. Most importantly, these fences are typically less attractive and rarely recommended for residential use.   

Vinyl Fence

If you are looking for a fence that can withstand the elements, provide privacy, require little maintenance, protect your family, and look great in your backyard, look no further than vinyl fences. These fences can be customized to your desired aesthetic and are also great for privacy. Over the years, these fences require minimal maintenance and can endure Minnesota's weather. They tend to be fireproof, weatherproof, and termite-proof. When you have a wooden fence, you will most likely experience mold and rotting. However, a vinyl fence will not experience this. 

Other Strong Fence Ideas

A composite wood fence may be an option for a strong, durable, wood-like fence. These fences combine wood and recycled plastic materials. They maintain the appearance of a wood fence while including vinyl's durability and weather resistance. However, these fences are more expensive upfront than vinyl ones and may begin to fade with time. 

Fences made from bricks, stones, or concrete are also strong and durable. These fences can withstand the weather and fire and come in many styles and colors. However, they can become expensive depending on your needs. 

Bamboo fences are a strong, natural fence option. They can be combined with other strong materials to give a unique appearance. However, these fences often require maintenance and may begin to rot after a few years. They are also prone to fire, which doesn’t make them an excellent option for long-term fencing.

other strong fence ideas

Fence Installation with Northland Fence in Apple Valley

We offer wrought iron, vinyl, and chain link fences at Northland Fence because they are among the strongest and most durable. Our supplies are consistently in stock, and we never charge hidden fees. Living in Minnesota means choosing a fence that can withstand the weather and support your needs and vision for your backyard. We can help you determine which of these strongest fence types fits the dream fence you have in mind.

Northland Fence has been family-owned and family-focused since 2004 in Apple Valley, MN. We believe in the strength of our fencing materials, and this is reflected in our warranties: a lifetime for vinyl, 15 years for all other materials, and a 10-year labor warranty on our services. Call us at 763-316-4881 for more information or to start designing your dream fence today.

Northland Fence has been family-owned and family-focused in Apple Valley since 2004. We always have supplies in stock, and we never have hidden fees. Call us at 763-316-4881 for more information or to get started on your dream fence today.


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